Current Project

Status: Completed
Release: Autumn 2020

A sheriff's shootout turns into an adventure through the wondrous world of film.

Cliffhanger is a short animation in the context of ULTRAKORT. Because I want to expand my experience to other genres and media, I organized this project. Cliffhanger is my very first animation.

Together with co-directors Diederick Geers and Jelle Janssen I wrote a filmplan and sent this together with producer Richard Valk to the Dutch Film Fund. Het plan werd geselecteerd voor productie. De animatie zal in het najaar van 2020 in première gaan en te zien zijn als voorfilm in Vue cinemas.

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Genre: Animation, Comedy, Adventure
Running time: 2 min 15 sec
Language: no dialogue


DirectorJasper Loos
Diederick Geers
Jelle Janssen
Original ideaJasper Loos
ScreenplayDiederick Geers
Jelle Janssen
Production assistantJasper Loos
Sound-design, Foley, CinemamixBob Kommer Studio’s