My name is Jasper Loos (1998). I graduated in 2019 as filmmaker from the art academy AKV|St.Joost in Breda, Netherlands, with my experimental graduation film The Operator.

My work is surrealistic and often inspired by the works of David Lynch. I work experimental and often from a philosophical or psychological question. Besides that, I'm a cinephile and put my love for film and cinema in my work.

In case of questions, projects, collaborations or if you just want to talk some time; please contact me.

Current Projects


A cowboy's hunt ends up in a journey through film history.

A short 2 minute animation for Ultrakort. The film will be screened as a pre-film in Vue cinemas from the summer of 2020.

Release: SUMMER 2020


AKV|St.Joost, Breda
Film (AUG 2015 – JUN 2019)
minor research in immersive storytelling (AUG 2017 – jan 2018)


Ticket desk (may 2018 - present)
intern program & education (aug 2019 - jan 2020)

studio maslow, rotterdam
intern (mar 2018 - jun 2018)

service cinema Zien, eindhoven
service employee (feb 2015 - may 2018)


eindhoven film festival
jury pre-selection (sep 2019)
volunteer (nov 2018 - dec 2018)

rotterdams open doek
jury (jul 2019 - present)

omroep veldhoven
camera (apr 2015 – apr 2018)