My name is Jasper Loos (1998). In 2019, I graduated from art academy St.Joost, Breda, as a filmmaker with my experimental fiction film The Operator.
During my gap year (2019-2020) I made my first animation Cliffhanger . Currently, I'm following the master Filmstudies & Visual Culture at the University of Antwerp.

My films are mostly surrealistic and often inspired by the works of David Lynch. I work experimentally, regularly from a philosophical or psychological subject. I'm also a cinephile and like to use my love for Film and Cinema in my work.

If you have questions, remarks, assignments, collaborations or if you just want to talk: contact me.

Foto door Gun Intree
Photo by Master Gun Intree


University of Antwerp
– Master: Filmstudies & Visuele Cultuur
(Sep 2020 - present)

St.Joost, Breda
– Bachelor: Film (Aug 2015 - Jun 2019)
– Internship: Studio Maslow (Mar 2018 - June 2018)
– Minor: Research in Immersive Storytelling
(Aug 2017 - Jan 2018)

Work experience

Natlab, Eindhoven
- Cashier (May 2018 - May 2020)
– Internship: Programme & Education
(Aug 2019 - Jan 2020)

Service Bioscoop Zien, Eindhoven
- Service employee (Feb 2015 - May 2018)

Volunteer work

De Cinema/De Studio, Antwerpen
– Ticket control (Sep 2020 - present)

Schokkend Nieuws!
- Film critic (May 2020 - present)

Eindhoven Film Festival
- Jury member preselection (Sept 2019)
- Volunteer (Nov 2018 - Dec 2018)

Omroep Veldhoven
- Camera (Apr 2015 - Apr 2018)


Cliffhanger (2020)
dir. Jasper Loos, Diederick Geers,
Jelle Janssen
Director, Production assistant

Deja vu (2020)
dir. Jean-Paul Corsius
Directing and Screenplay assistant

De Schalm (2020)
dir. Jasper Loos
Director, Screenwriter, Editor

Gebroken (2020)
dir. Sjoerd Damen
Directing assistant

Rockstar (2019)
dir. Jean-Paul Corsius
Directing assistant

The Operator (2019)
dir. Jasper Loos
Director, Screenwriter

Echt Hout (2019)
dir. Raffi Shahbaz Nazarian
Directing assistant

Luka (2019)
dir. Roelie Post
1st AD

Prosopagnosia (2018)
dir. Jasper Loos
Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Kino en Pem (2018)
dir. Jamila Smit
Directing assistant

Spiegel beeld (2017)
dir. Jasper Loos
Director, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Editor

De IJzeren Klap (2016)
dir. Jasper Loos
Director, Cinematographer, Editor