What if the control, of which U always thought U had, disappeared? Everything seems to be determined by something or someone else. Would U fight back?

In June 2019, I graduated from art academy St.Joost with this short, experimental fiction film.

The film premiered on 3 July 2019 at a private screening with all graduation films of the Film class 2018-2019.
Afterward, the film was screened at LAUNCH! (the graduation festival of St.Joost), Veldhoven-Filmhoven and Eindhoven Film Festival.

Release: 2019
Domain: Fiction
Genre: Experimental, Mystery
Running time: 12 min 2 sec
Language: no dialogue


Director, ScreenplayJasper Loos
ProductionHuib Robben
UOnno Aerts
CinematographyDaan Bothof
ChoreographyEmma Evelein
EditingWouter van Gestel
Sound design, MusicWouter van Gestel
Merijn van Pelt
Jasper Loos


  • Veldhoven-Filmhoven (2019)
  • Lift-Off Global Network (2019)
  • Eindhoven Film Festival (2019)